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GoGoRead is a guided book-reading club designed to foster intrinsic motivation for lifelong learning and intellectual stimulation. This book club is visually based online for kids, providing lecturers with a means to guide kids in comprehending and delving deep into the meaning of world-class books.

GoGoRead employs books as unifying themes to facilitate interactions and communication among global readers and between readers and facilitators.

GOGOREAD Reading Courses


Improving your language skills requires active engagement with the language. Some effective methods include broadening your vocabulary, reading aloud, playing language games, and creating your own stories. Language learning can also be a way to learn life lessons and gain new perspectives.


To get the most out of reading, engage with the material in a meaningful way. Practice reading aloud with others, explore new cultures and worlds, and discuss the material with peers. You can also create book-related projects to showcase your understanding and develop a lifelong passion for reading.


Reading can enhance critical thinking skills and creativity. Join virtual reading circles on award-winning books to gain diverse perspectives, and learn to craft your own stories to develop writing skills and imagination. Be creative with book-related drawing and video projects, and practice debating real-world topics like combatting bullying.

New Horizons

Discover the joys of world-class literature by diving deep into the author’s craft and creativity. Host meaningful discussions on topics of your choice, and create your own book-based projects to showcase your understanding. By building lasting relationships with other readers, you can enhance your enjoyment of reading and gain new perspectives on the material.




New Horizons

What can you expect from us

Encourages a love for reading

Being part of a book club exposes kids to different books and authors, motivating them to read more regularly and developing a lifelong love for reading.

Develops critical thinking skills

Book club discussions help kids think deeply about the story, characters, and themes, improving their analytical and interpretive skills.

Fosters social connections

Joining a book club provides kids with a community of peers who share their love for reading, encouraging social connections and friendships.

Builds confidence

Participating in book club discussions helps kids develop their communication and public speaking skills, improving their confidence and self-esteem.

Expands knowledge and empathy

Reading diverse books and discussing them with others in a book club can broaden kids’ perspectives and understanding of different cultures, experiences, and perspectives, fostering empathy and understanding.

Some Best Books



GoGoRead is a guided online book club designed to encourage an intrinsic motivation for lifelong learning and intellectual stimulation for kids.

GoGoRead uses books as unifying themes to facilitate interactions and communications among global readers and between readers and facilitators. An equally important purpose is to get kids to read and formulate ideas while sharing fun. 

This is a casual way to get kids to become critical readers and thinkers without the pressures of traditional school work and exercises.

When a good book ends, the conversation begins!


Who are the “facilitators” @ GoGoRead?

All GoGoRead facilitators are trained educators who will facilitate discussions surrounding the enduring themes, ideas, structures, and details that emerge from the readings.

GoGoRead facilitators are also trained to provide guidance and feedback to students’ critical reflections and encourage them to dig deeper into content and think creatively.  

Although GoGoRead is purposefully designed to cultivate critical reading and comprehension skills, conversations will remain casual and fun to promote, ultimately, a love for reading and learning.


Who are the “global readers” @ GoGoRead?

Built on GoGoWhiz’ technological platform, GoGoRead is designed to become a meeting place for young readers around the world to communicate, exchange, and share ideas. These global readers bring with them different cultures, traditions, values, and world views to the GoGoRead book club.

Through cultural and intellectual exchanges, GoGoRead helps to build mutual understanding among readers worldwide and foster among them a sense of global community with shared vision and destiny.

We can’t change the world alone. We can ONLY change the world, together.


What can I expect to get out of GoGoRead?

GoGoRead offers a series of Book Clubs for students from Kindergarten to Grade 10. There are four levels serving different age groups with each having a different theme and focus in learning.

Level 1 Explorers: for Kindergarten to Grade 1 – focusing on stimulating interest and acquiring vocabulary

Level 2 Adventurers: for Grade 2 to Grade 4 – focusing on exploring new ideas and developing passion

Level 3 Voyagers: for Grade 5 to Grade 7 – focusing on acquiring and practicing skills in critical thinking and debating

Level 4 New Horizons: for Grade 8 to Grade 10 – focusing on gaining deeper insights and nurturing creative thinking.


What book genres are covered in GoGoRead?

GoGoRead offers several book clubs either based on themes, genres, or authors. Examples of types can include science fiction, mystery, fantasy, or historical fiction. GoGoRead also forms book clubs around subject areas such as science and technology, geography, history, etc.

Initially the teachers will select the first set of books, but as the book club evolves, we will include student selection/voting for books. Books will be selected based on high interest as well as challenge.


What is a GoGoRead online session like?

GoGoRead’s facilitator often opens with a question that is thematically based, or might show a picture, or share a poem related to the topic, etc. Or, if the book is about a particular subject, the facilitator can open up with a general discussion about the topic and then focus on the text. Moreover, a general question might be asked such as, “What are somethings that you noticed or wondered about in this week’s reading?” The purpose is to get everyone focused and ready to talk.

Students can then take turns answering questions, or asking questions. The facilitator can use this time to teach students how to engage in discourse by attending to the speaker, acknowledging what was said and adding to the conversation, etc.

Depending on the book selected, activities can be planned associated with the book such as drawing a character, adding a new chapter, writing a poem, writing a vignette, playing jeopardy based on facts from the novel, etc.

Depending on age group, maturity levels, and interest, students can take turns to lead discussions or ask questions.

We are located in beautiful Vancouver area. Please feel free to drop a message or give us a call to connect with us. We would love to hear from you.

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About GOGO

GoGoRead is a guided book-reading club that fosters intrinsic motivation for lifelong learning and intellectual stimulation.

Using books as unifying themes, it facilitates interactions and communication among global readers and facilitators. It aims to encourage critical thinking and idea formulation while promoting fun and casual reading for kids, without the pressures of traditional schoolwork.

At GoGoRead, when a good book ends, the conversation begins!